Policy and Media

I believe research can improve policymaking by formulating research questions driven by the practical concerns of policymakers and cooperating closely with government in research design and execution.

Here is a video produced about some of my collaboration with Ghana’s Office of the Head of Civil Service.

Selected policy briefs, reports, media, and other material

Selected citations by policymakers and media

  • Blog summary of Four Lenses on People Management in the People Sector, Australia and New Zealand School of Government (blog)
  • Research on unfinished projects cited in The Economist (article)
  • Editorial in Ghana’s Daily Graphic newspaper about my research on unfinished development projects (website)
  • The International Growth Centre features two of my projects as Impact Case Studies in its 2015-16 Annual Report (pdf)
  • Director-General of Ghana’s NDPC cites my research showing that one-third of local government infrastructure projects are abandoned mid-construction, 20th October 2015 (pdf)
  • Director-General of NDPC discusses my research on Ghana’s Citi FM Breakfast Show, 5th August 2015 (audio – starts at 0:22)
  • Overseas Development Institute infographic uses statistics from my research on infrastructure delivery in Ghana (website)
  • “The Political Economy of Unfinished Development Projects” featured in the Center for Global Development’s “What We’re Reading” newsletter, 1st April 2016
  • “The Political Economy of Unfinished Development Projects” cited in This Week in Africa newsletter, 1st April 2016